Volunteer on a Trip

06ArtsCan Circle sends teams of musicians & artists to remote Indigenous communities engaging groups of children and youth in workshops to facilitate creative expression and teach skills in playing musical instruments, songwriting, visual arts and performance arts. Artist/musician volunteers need to be team players who are flexible, creative and resourceful. Each team is carefully chosen to provide a balance of skills in the facilitators in a variety of areas. New volunteers are mentored by experienced team members who have previously worked in the community. The teams will generally spend a week in the community and may be asked to travel on a weekend day. Experience with children of various ages is an asset as we may provide workshops to groups of students in Kindergarten through High School. Previous knowledge of Indigenous Culture is helpful as we try to incorporate the local culture and honour local traditions and language.

If you are interested in volunteering to work with an ArtsCan Circle team in an Indigenous Community in the North please send your résumé or bio and a letter detailing:

- your related experience working with children and youth
– why you’d like to be involved
– skills you believe you would bring to the team
– and possible workshop ideas for various age groups’ kindergarten through high school

Please send it to: The Program Committee at artscanoperations@gmail.com

Trip artist volunteers donate their time and talents and ArtsCan Circle covers travel and accommodation expenses.