Sponsor a Trip

We Need Your Financial Support

ArtsCan Circle is collecting cash donations to be used entirely to send musicians, instruments and supplies for ArtsCan programs. Travel to such remote areas is very expensive, and we need a constant influx of funds in order to be able to mount these trips.


Canada HelpsYou can donate online right now by clicking the “Donate Now” button. This secure online donation accepts credit card and pre-authorized monthly donations.


Alternatively you can send cheques should be made out to “ArtsCan Circle” and mailed to:

ArtsCan Circle
P.O. Box 95557
Nemarket, Ontario
L3Y 8J8

Aeroplan Miles

500-AeroplanBeyondMilesLogo_eng2Our sincere appreciation to Aeroplan Canada for adding ArtsCan Circle to the charity causes on their website.  Now you can contribute Aeroplan miles at any time. Go to www.aeroplan.com and select ArtsCan Circle in the “Participating Charities” section under the Beyond Miles Donation program.

The miles are used to fly volunteer artists and musicians to remote Indigenous communities to provide workshops for youth in the arts. Thanks for your support!

Mobile Donations

zipgive_logoArtsCan Circle is excited to announce we’ve launched our mobile donation program that allows anyone with a cell phone to text 45678 and type ARTS in the text field to make a $10 donation to ArtsCan Circle. Donors will be billed on their next cell phone bill. Try it, see how easy it is. This is a great donation tool for your next ArtsCan fundraiser. No handling of cash or cheques, all you need to do is text!


Tax Receipts

ArtsCan Circle is a registered charity.  A charitable tax receipt is issued for all online donations and all cheques of $20 or more.