About Us

A-WALK-IN-MY-DREAMArtsCan Circle is a registered charity dedicated to linking creative artists with Indigenous youth at risk in Canada. Our hope is to encourage self-esteem amongst Indigenous youth in isolated communities through a cooperative exploration of the arts.

ArtsCan Circle, founded in 2002, was inspired by the work of Mike Stevens, a multi-talented harmonica player who began by traveling to communities in Labrador, at his own expense, to share his music with youth. On these visits, Mike has distributed hundreds of harmonicas to help his young listeners discover music for themselves. You can read Mike’s Story here.

ArtsCan Circle now sends teams of musicians and artists to engage children and youth in remote Northern communities in workshops in the arts. Through music and other creative arts, we hope to teach new skills, promote self-esteem and creative self-expression. We build and strengthen relationships by consistent involvement in each participating community.

logo_92_redHave you seen Mike Stevens’ TEDx Talk at Gabriola Island? Great to see Mike be a part of this franchise and highlight some of the challenges faced in our Northern Communities.